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Restoration - Stimulating Hair Growth Oil

Restoration - Stimulating Hair Growth Oil

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A lightweight blend of 100% natural, vegan and organic oils derived from plants & seeds made to improve hair health, strength and length. Premium Quality for real results. 

Suitable for all hair types 

Key Ingredients:

Peppermint has a tingling sensation which promotes blood circulation and oxygen in hair allowing for growth

Lavender deepens hair follicles and thickens layers preventing fallouts.

Lemongrass Treats a dry and itchy scalp, prevents thinning/balding. Also deodorizes and a great bug repellent. 

Please carry out a patch test BEFORE USE to ensure you are not allergic. 


Helps Boosts growth
Prevents hair loss
Thickens hair
Combats dandruff
Strengthens scalp
Reduces Itchiness
Heals Hair


Apricot Kernel Oil (Organic), Oleifera (Camellia Seed Organic Oil), Jojoba Seed Organic Oil, Grapeseed Organic Oil, Fenugreek Seed Oil, Mentha Avernis (Peppermint), Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lemongrass

How to use

On damp or dry hair, apply drops of oil onto hair from roots through to ends then massage gently until absorbed.

For best results, use 3-4 times a week.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Once opened, finish within 12 months.

Shipping & Returns

All orders within the UK will be processed and shipped within 1-3 business days with Royal Mail. (This does not include any holidays or weekends).

Orders placed after 10am on Saturdays will be fulfilled on the following Monday (Excluding bank holidays).

We currently do not accept returns but if there are any problems with your order please email us and we will be happy to help.

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How its made

Each bottle is hand-made using cold-pressed, natural and organic oils extracted directly from plants and seeds. Every drop is added consciously, ensuring to refresh, nurture and boost the power thats in your hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Milli C
Grow grow grow

I have been using this product for the past 6 week. My hair is thicker, had definitely grown, and the texture and structure has improved. This product is a must

My New Fav

This product is amazing!!! I was looking for something natural to hydrate my locs during the winter time and this hair oil exceeded my expectations. Not only does my hair feel hydrated but the scent also 10/10.

Ayotunde Norman-Williams
Healthy, moist hair

I've been using this oil for about two weeks and I'm already feeling my hair is moister/healthier than ever before, even finding on days when I haven't washed it that it's not horrifically dry like it has a tendency to be. Smells great, nice packaging, will be investing in the hair mist very soon.


After using Miracle Mane hair oil for 9 months, I can confidently recommend it. Not only is the oil lightweight and non-greasy, but the scent is also pleasantly subtle. I am genuinely impressed with the positive changes in my hair's softness, strength, health, and significant growth.

I recently added the hair mist to my haircare routine, and it has quickly become a must-have for both me and my daughter. The mist provides excellent hydration and moisture, resulting in smoother, softer, and more manageable hair for the both of us.

These products contain natural ingredients at an affordable price and actually delivers great results. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this amazing brand!


Miracle mane so far 10/10 & not just the
product, the company as a whole! Fast shipping, good packaging. Oil smells good af, yeahhhhhhhh
I'm loving it
Well done!