Why use Natural Hair Oils?

Why use Natural Hair Oils?

Starting my own hair growth in 2017, I had no idea what to use and why to use it. Especially as a male, the first thing that came to mind was the most common hair brand or hair grease known at the time. As I started taking my hair growth more serious, simple routines such as taking my hair out or getting my hair done was a big task due to my scalp being weak and losing a lot of hair when I finished hair drying. 


Once I started growling locs it dawned on me that I was actually damaging my hair by using products that I thought were good because of its nice smell or the notoriety of the brand. 


Once I started doing my own research and making my own blends, I realized how feeding your hair with natural ingredients is so important. Not only did I realize a change in texture when my regrowth became cotton wool like, my hair also thickened, scalp strengthened and getting my hair done was no longer painful. Not to add my Locs started to grow at a faster pace. Within 3 months my hair went from very bad to now something I take full pride in. 


After blending and trialing different natural oils, this is the blend that has worked best for myself, family friends and colleagues. Natural ingredients are the only way forward if you want to nurture and take pride in your crown! 

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